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Metro UI App Lock
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Metro UI Applock

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Lite, fast, stylish and easy to use. This is one of the finest apps for locking your personal apps. Now no more worries that someone can open your gallery or your personal apps. You can lock them by using this Metro App Lock or app locker.

Metro AppLock security protection, your personal app privacy is well protected with a password. You need to set a password once, then lock your apps, incoming calls, Wifi, Bluetooth.

Metro AppLock prevents unauthorised access to your apps. Ensure security!

Lock install and uninstall of apps:

Lock the app market, so no can install or uninstall app from your phone

Lock phone setting:

This app can lock setting app in your phone so that no can change you system settings


This app provides a very clean and colour full UI, with 12 different colour themes.

Features of Metro App lock

1. Metro UI for app lock

2. 12 different colour themes

3. Vibration on pressing button

4. Different screen for locked apps for easy unlock

5. Different section for special locks such as incoming calls, wi-fi, Bluetooth

6. One click to lock and unlock apps


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