Call Recorder – All Automatic


Call Recorder – All Automatic

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Best call recorder, inbuilt audio player, and crystal clear recording quality, safe & easy to use, more informative!!

This is one of the best call recorders, automatic call recorder, phone call recorder using this you can record any call whatever you want to record it works for all incoming and outgoing call. Call recorder records all the calls in very crystal clear voice quality. Call recorder is very simple and easy to use due to its well and elegant designed user interface. All the recording calls will be saved in phone memory to a specific folder. We do not provide to save recording on any third party server to considering your safety because it is private.

Automatic call recording:

Call recorder start recording call automatically in background once you make call or receive any call.


Call recorder provides two different theme dark theme and light theme.
Record any calls: Call recorder is built in such a way that it can record all the call i.e. incoming call and outgoing call of users.

Easy to use:

Call recorder is very simple and easy to use because it’s user interface design is very user friendly.
Crystal clear recording: Call recorder records all the calls in very crystal clear sound quality either it is outgoing or incoming call.

Save recording automatically:

Call recorder saves all the recording in internal memory of device automatically by today date and time so users need not to worry about save.

More Informative:

Call recorder is more informative it shows all the information about recording such as phone number, incoming or outgoing call, call duration, call time and date etc.


  1. Record Incoming & Outgoing call.
  2. Recording starts automatically during incoming and outgoing call.
  3. Recorder saved recording automatically to phone memory.
  4. Crystal clear recording quality.
  5. On Off recording button.
  6. You can Search recoding by phone number and date and time.
  7. You can see all information about recording such as incoming call, outgoing call, date and time easily.
  8. You can share recording to Email, Bluetooth, Message etc.
  9. You can make call and message directly to the recording number.
  10. Record your call or calls in different formats like MPEG_4, RAW_AMR or 3GPP encoding / format.
  11. Two different theme dark theme and light theme which you can select from setting.
  12. Delete all recording in one touch.
  13. You will get one message, call recorder has started recording on start of call recording.
  14. You can listen to your record calls recordings using inbuilt call recorder audio player.


1. For recording calls you should keep call recorder starts in background and do not remove it from memory
otherwise it can give some issue in recording calls.
2. You should confirm that call recording is legal in your country.
3. It is to inform you that call recorder will not be able to record your calls over Wi-FI, VOIP, SIP or any internet calls.
4. All Your call recordings are saved in your device So be careful while formatting hard disk or changing mobile
because recording folder will not be able to recover your old call recordings.
5. Please note that some devices are not compatible or not allow to record calls.
6. Some devices record low voice of
other party, if you face this problem, you can enable automatic speaker, on start of call recording for better quality
of recording.
7. You can select other 3GPP, MPEG_4 or RAW_AMR audio encoding format, if RAW_AMR recording not working
properly on your devices.
8. If you get error “Call Recorder is unable to record call”, then please test recording format, then try in using different
recording formats.

Call Recorder is high performance, fast and easy to use. Try our latest call recorder to record you calls without missing any of them.
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