Arc Square Launcher – Theme


Arc Square Launcher – Theme

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Stand out from crowd with unique looks & styles, world class performance, very low battery consumption!!

Arc Square launcher is latest launcher of 2017 made for you to enjoy a variety of different and super stylish home screen if you get bored of using old launchers which are nasty in style, very slow in performance, difficult to operate and reduce battery life then Arc Square launcher is best choice for you to overcome all this issues.

Arcsquare launcher is easy to use, most stylish and fast launcher and it provides beautiful collection of theme which make your phone’s home screen super plushy and most unique from others. Using this launcher you will stand out from crowd.

Most Agile and Smart:

ArcSquare Launcher is extremely agile and smart it provides you smarter experience of operating your phone with lots of ease.

Unique & Fascinating looks:

Arc Square Launcher gives you unique and beautiful look by pre developed theme. Our professionals have created rich themes for user with lot of affection and enthusiasm so that users can give new, fresh and beautiful look to their phones every day.


Arc launcher gives you very efficient and fast personalizes experience with our different type of 10 themes, more than 60 colors which are dominant, energetic, bright and dark tones to provide your phone an elegant look using these feature you can create a very striking effect.

Customization Feature:

Every tile can be customized by just long pressing on tiles which provides various options to change tile background color, change another app by selecting bind app option and change tile transparency etc.

Smoother Animations:

Arc launcher provides you quicker and smoother animation for improved user interaction.


Arc Square launcher provides 7 widgets which user can access by just left swipe and widgets can be easily add or remove. you can change widget header color by clicking on edit button.

Easier All Apps Access:

ArcSquare launcher provides very easier way to access all apps to open all apps user can just right swipe on the screen or click on right arrow. By long clicking on each app you can uninstall app and get full app information.


(1) Arc Square launcher provides 10 unique and wonderful themes.
(2) You can customize tiles by long press on it.
(3) View all apps installed in mobile by clicking on right arrow or right swipe.
(4) Arc square launcher provides 60 beautiful colors for customizing tiles color, background color etc.
(5) Smooth and clean UI
(6) Easy to change themes by clicking setting button on home screen.
(7) Easy to choose background color or wallpaper of your choice.
(8) Change the tile transparency easily.
(9) Replace tile app with another app appear on home screen by long press on tile.
(10) Smoother and faster animations.
(11) Uninstall app by just long press on app in app list.
(12) Easy access to all widgets by just right swipe

Arc Square Launcher is highly customizable, fast and easy to use launcher for Android which is stylized your devices in different manner so you can stand out from crowd. This app provides you various customization features which easy to use and faster. Say goodbye to the old styled launcher and adopt a latest Arc Square launcher for better experience.

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